HBW Primal Health Coaching Options

Are you ready to be the healthiest version of you? I’m here to be your coach and cheerleader. Through knowledge and experience, I can share with you the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Honey Bee Wellness offers One-on-One and Group Primal Health Coaching options personalized to fit you and your lifestyle!


Mental Abundance Health Coaching Program (One-on-One Coaching)

If you’re ready to commit to small changes to improve your health and live a more abundant life, let’s talk!

Our mental abundance program is designed specifically for people who have challenges with anxiety and depression. Our program teaches you new lifestyle habits to ease your anxiety and minimize your depression by creating an abundance mentality. Your health coach will walk you throgh a streamlined process of making small lifestyle changes with your sleep, diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle habits. The coaching program is broken down into eight weeks with a different topic each week. You will receive a short overview video each week for you to watch prior to your virtual one-on-one coaching session with your health coach via Zoom.

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Are you wanting to be more physically active but don't know where to start?  I'm here to help you get started and put together a workout program that fits your lifestyle and your fitness goals.  I'll teach you ways in which you can continue to stay motivated to keep up with your workout program if obstacles get in your way.  We'll start out with a program that fits your current fitness level and moves you up to the next level so you will continue to be the healthiest version of yourself. 

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Monthly Classes (Group Coaching)

Monthly classes are a great way to learn about the primal lifestyle at a lower financial investment than one-on-one coaching. Monthly classes offer a unique opportunity to learn the basics about the primal lifestyle to see if it would be a good fit for you.  We currently offer two monthly classes: Virtual Primal 101 and Primal Cooking Basics.

Virtual Primal 101 is an introduction to the primal lifestyle.  At this class, you will learn what it means to live a primal lifestyle in the modern world.  You'll leave the class with the basic tools to get started on your own. Virtual Primal 101 classes are held the first Saturday of each month via video chat.

Primal Cooking Basics is a hands-on introduction to cooking.  It's great for everyone from new cooks to experienced cooks.  We talk about meal prep, grocery lists, meal planning, and cooking tips.  We'll cook a meal and eat it together.

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